I help create new stories for people’s lives and relationships


Narrative therapy uses the metaphor of story to look at how we organize and give meaning to our experiences. An important part of therapy is to reveal how our dominant stories are constructed, and to use therapeutic conversations to assist clients in re-authoring the stories of their lives.

Narrative is a strength-based therapy that focuses on each client’s personal agency and resourcefulness. The process is supportive of each client's hopes, knowledge, individual values and goals.

Problems are seen as separate from a client’s identity and as as having lives of their own. Clients are encouraged to name these problem and look at their effects. An important question might be: does the client prefer to stand up to the problem, emancipate himself from it, tame it or replace it? The possibilities are endless, as space is made for the client’s hopes and solutions, and the new preferred directions that collaborative conversations reveal.

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